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Una Stephens-Hardy Endorsement

We are absolutely delighted to have an opportunity to provide a testimonial for Cameron Habel Construction Inc.

Cameron was referred to us by our architect who told us he did excellent work. Naturally, we checked his references, which bore out what we had been told by our architect. So we decided to have Cameron do some work for us and, as a result, have joined the ranks of Cameron’s enthusiastic supporters and repeat customers. We have also referred him on to several of our neighbors and friends who have been equally delighted with the work he has done for them.

Over the past several years, Cameron has done a considerable amount of work for us on our house – some of it large-scale, some of it not – all of it done on time, on budget, with attention to detail, a sensitivity to our needs, commitment to excellence and quality, flexibility, dependability and pleasant interactions.

Here is a quick overview of the most significant work Cameron has done for us:

Working from plans developed by our architect, he turned an old deck into a wonderful sun-room that we use all the time.

Cameron worked with us to design a replacement for an old shower in our master bedroom and created a beautifully tiled walk-in shower full of innovative touches.

Most recently, Cameron completed re-siding our house – a huge, lengthy undertaking that was done with his usual commitment to excellence. He did the research on the various siding alternatives, came to us with his findings, listened to our needs and factored those into his proposal.

Each experience was pleasant, met our expectations and left us feeling that we would use Cameron the next time we needed work done on our house. That, of course, is the greatest testament to the quality of his work. We will be delighted to discuss with you further if you wish.


Bill Hardy & Una Stephens-Hardy, Oakland


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