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Designing a new kitchen is a fun process. It is the most complex room in the home. It offers the greatest opportunity for your personal expression while providing for the most basic needs of your family. When we have our kitchen consultation, I’ll ask you how you want to use your kitchen, what you like about it, what you want to change, and how much you want to invest. We’ll discuss all the things you may want your kitchen to do; from hosting large parties to providing a place for your youngster's homework while you're preparing the evening meal. Today, kitchens multi-task like never before.

Depending on your preferences and time constraints, we work together to fully develop your desires and the needs for your new kitchen. We  have checklists, resource catalogs, materials samples, and showrooms that you can make use of. We use photographs to talk about the style of the kitchen. We use drawings to plan the space using the traditional work triangle or the more contemporary idea of multiple work areas. 

Hand-in-hand with the kitchen plan, we develop the project budget. The budget guides the materials selections including; appliances, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, and lighting. Because the planning process includes pricing you have control of what you want to invest in your new kitchen.

The kitchen can be as Green as you want it to be. Our building practices and your product selections can be guided by issues such as; recycled content, sustainable forestry, indoor air quality, low carbon footprint, resources conservation, and embedded energy. The investment you make can create an object of beauty that provides lasting pleasure, sustainable value and reflects your way of living.

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