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Whole House Remodeling and Room Additions

These projects are the most exciting

If you feel like;

  • You've outgrown your house, and there's just not enough room, 

  • You want to add value to your property and make a statement,

  • You have a beautiful home but it's outdated and doesn't suit your needs,

  • then it’s a good time to plan for a whole house remodel or room addition. 

This is the type of project where you can really make a difference. Your home can be changed to an open plan where you can create interior views, add windows, renew the finishes and feeling of California living. When your whole house is remodeled you have the opportunity to use building science to create a healthy home that is energy efficient, resource friendly, and easy to maintain. Thoughtful deconstruction can provide tax benefits while saving vintage materials for reuse. You can maintain the historical character of your home or develop an entirely new, contemporary residence. Regardless of style, your new home will reflect your values and make your daily life easier.

The following are key aspects of any whole house or addition project:


Design Process - For a whole house remodel, you will team up with our in-house architect. If you are doing an addition, we’ll decide together on the importance of using an architect.

People are usually interested in one of two approaches to the house design. Either they choose to maintain the historical character of their home and integrate the new additions to the existing design. Or they want to transform their home into a modern statement. We can accommodate you either way. 


Planning and Zone Requirements - the design process will include checking into the requirements for your property and your town. 


Review of Whole House Systems - Older homes in the San Francisco East Bay tend to leak up to 30% of their energy--a lot of energy is leaked. Homeowners can greatly reduce their carbon foot print and enhance the comfort of their home by increasing the insulation, replacing or sealing doors and windows and putting in a high efficiency furnace system. We will also consult with you regarding the plumbing and electrical systems.


Neat and Clean Job Site - Remodeling projects with budgets under 1 M usually take 4-12 months. If you wish to stay in your house during all or some that time, we’ll support you by maintaining a separation between the construction site and the living space. We are very attuned to keeping dust out and sensitive to any health concerns you or your family might have. 


Safety on the Job Site, Especially for Kids - We realize kids may be present at any time and we work hard to make sure no hazards are left on the site when we aren’t working.

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