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Builders from the earliest days were green builders. They worked with natural materials taken from where they lived. They made structures that could last for centuries or could be packed up and moved to another location.

Today, Green is about enduring quality, resource conservation, and healthy living environments. Environmentally conscious building demonstrates good planning and design. The smart use of construction materials, finished products, and well designed systems can reduce a building's carbon footprint. Efficient deconstruction provides materials that can be reused or donated. Deconstruction can provide substantial tax credits for homeowners.

Not only do we believe in sustainable construction but also sustainable communities. The company regularly contributes efforts to community causes such as Habitat for Humanity East Bay and Rebuilding Together.

CCH Construction, Inc encourages the use of these Green products:

  • Solar thermal and Photo-voltaic systems

  • Tankless and High Efficiency water heaters

  • Radiant space heating and High Efficiency forced air furnaces

  • Recycled content and cellulose insulation

  • Energy Star appliances

  • Low and No VOC paints

  • Composite deck materials

  • Natural flooring such as cork, bamboo, and Marmoleum

  • Engineered flooring such as EcoTimber and Plyboo

  • Engineered countertops such as CeasarStone, Richlite, Vetrazzo

  • High fly-ash volume concrete

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