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Mark W. Langerman Endorsement

To Whom It May Concern,

Cameron C. Habel remodeled the kitchen in our home in Berkeley, CA in January-February of 2001. Cameron worked with us from the initial design phase beginning in September through final construction and cleanup. We chose to live in the house through demo and construction so a contingency kitchen and dust containment plan was established as part of the scope of work. Cameron and his crew did a fantastic job of keeping the environment essentially dust free and the work area neat and orderly during the workday, evenings, and on weekends.

Over the course of several planning meetings, he listened to our needs and desires and formulated a working plan and budget. He offered expert advice on retailers and designers who showcased items for our new kitchen. The subcontractors he chose to work with were timely and clean. Daily communication is essential for success in a project of this type and Cameron’s communication skills are excellent. Most importantly, the project was finalized one week early and was on budget. I have enthusiastically recommended him to my friends and would use him again in my home without reservation.


Mark W. Langerman

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